Should you give your outdoor contractor your “real” budget?

We all know that contractors don’t have a standard price list and that there is a degree of contingency and margin in pricing. The unknown is, if we are paying too much. We at Archadeck of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana understand your reticence about disclosing that budget figure. When choosing a contractor it is important to have confidence in the trustworthiness of that contractor.  We ask to so we can offer solutions and designs that will not exceed what you are comfortable with spending, while trying to give you everything you want included.

There are many different elements involved in a custom outdoor space. Take a deck for example. Options range from standard pressure-treated pine up to Ipe Brazilian hardwood and to it’s price rival PVC (composite) decking. Choosing the higher end material could easily exceed your budget. Then there is railing, ranging from less expensive wood options to a variety of low-maintenance choices like aluminum, iron or PVC. Again going with the high end choice could blow your budget. Add in a custom shape, upgraded stair design, lighting and other options that will add to the expense.


When we at Archadeck of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana meet for your initial free consultation we will ask what your proposed budget is along with what you want for that money. We will ask about options you want to consider. We do this because we have intimate knowledge of the materials available and years of experience in design options. We can tell you if a particular upgrade is worth the investment. We can suggest a design alternative that could cut costs and leave you some flexibility with upgrades in other areas. Being upfront with your budget in the beginning also speeds the proposal process along as we are not spending time presenting a plan that is more than you care to spend.

Should you give your contractor your “real” budget? The answer to that is YES if you have done your homework and chosen a contractor that you know is reputable, trustworthy, talented, experienced and successful. One of the best ways to know all of that is testimonials from past customers. Check their online reviews. They will either tell a story or they won’t. Low ratings or no ratings should give you pause.

We at Archadeck of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana invite you to read our customer testimonials. Check out our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our 5 Star rating with Houzz and Yelp. Do your research. If you talk with more than one contractor give them each the same amount of information about your budget and list of wants and needs. Carefully evaluate the proposed project and materials. And keep in mind that the contractor that says he can start tomorrow may not be your best choice. The best contractors are busy contractors.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier custom outdoor living design and build firm. Our forward thinking designs are built to last, love and enjoy. If you are considering an outdoor space addition to your home or landscape give us a call for a free consultation at (260) 969-8663 or email us at


About Archadeck of Northeast Indiana

I am the owner of Archadeck of Northeast Indiana. We build custom outdoor living structures including decks, sunrooms, porches, screened porches, gazebos, pergolas and much more.
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